Micro-Broadcasting 101  by J. Hale / equinox17

FM Frequency Survey Log Sheets

To help with your survey of which FM frequencies are already being used in your area,
I've compiled a set of log sheets listing each channel # and frequency in the FM broadcast band.
Each sheet has spaces for notes and comments about your observations.

Keep in mind that a casual "Home Broadcaster" using just enough RF power to transmit around their
own house and property shouldn't need to be quite this obsessive when it comes to choosing
an available frequency. Any frequency that's not in use by a strong nearby station should be satisfactory.

On the other hand, a micro-broadcaster trying to squeeze everything they can possibly get out of their
transmitter should make a serious effort to choose the frequency that will present the least amount
of interference - interference to a licensed station's signal from the non-licensed transmitter,
as well as interference from the licensed station to the micro-broadcaster's own signal.
It works both ways.

A careful channel-by-channel analysis of what's on the airwaves in your area could prove very helpful,
especially in parts of the country where the FM band is already extremely crowded.

To make the FM Survey Log Sheets as printer friendly as possible, I've posted each sheet
as a separate webpage which you can open and print directly from your browser.
Try the Print Preview option from the File Menu first to see if you need to adjust your printer settings.
Each log page should fit on a single 8.5 x 11 sheet of printer paper. Text Size 'Medium' or 'Smaller'
(from the View Menu) should give the best results.

FM Survey Page 1       FM Survey Page 2       FM Survey Page 3       FM Survey Page 4

PS: Don't forget to consult the FCC Database Query Page  when your frequency survey is completed.

        You can learn more about the FCC Database Query in The First Question section back at my

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